Flags Brought to You by Rotary

The need is great and the requests for assistance many — so the Rotary Club of Salmon Arm has launched its next fundraiser.

The club is hoping to turn Salmon Arm into Canada's most patriotic town.  Being careful to maintain healthy distances, the club will install a large flag on a 10-foot pole on your front lawn over two long weekends this fall.

Our intention is to place the flag in a very obvious, publicly visible, position while bearing in mind safety and security of all.  The flag is intended to display your dedication as a Canadian as well as your very much appreciated support of Rotary’s local projects. 

A flag will be installed at your home or similar location for a period of 7-14 days encompassing the Labour Day weekend and then again for Remembrance Day.  Next year, 2021, our club plans to expand these display periods to include the Victoria Day weekend, Canada Day, Labour Day and Remembrance Day.  Costs will be $25 for two display periods this year and $50 for 4 display periods next year.  All money raised will go to local community support because that is what Rotary does.

To order your flag email rotarysalmonarmflag@gmail.com - or call Patrick at 250.253.2134.