Our recent speaker was Daila Duford, General Manager of the Salmar Theatres.  Daila gave us a fairly detailed run-down of how the theatres (the Grand and the Classic) make their income and how it is spent in the community.
Things have changed over the past few years - the percentage of box office revenue that the movie companies take from theatres has increased, sometimes to as high as 60% of ticket price.  This makes concession revenue particularly important to the theatres.  The Salmar Society uses all its income that's left over after upgrades and renos as donations to the community, coming close to $2 million over the life of the Salmar.
Salmar is currently engaged in making significant changes to the lobby and exit areas at the Grand.  Future plans for shows and theatre include continuing to bring the latest movies and special live broadcasts of opera, plays and broadway shows.  We are truly fortunate to have the Salmar theatres in our small community.  See more at http://salmartheatre.com/about/