Cassie O'Flaherty, our Outbound Exchange student for 2017-18, returned from her stay in the Czech Republic and came to tell the club about her adventures in Rakovnik, a small town near Prague.  She presented President Patrick with a club banner from Pilsen and former Czech Exchange student Tomas Raboch. 
As her blog showed throughout her stay, she made the best of her time abroad. She learned to speak and understand the Czech language, a daunting challenge. She engaged in many volunteer activities such as running, gym, orchestra, and theatre club; she started a knitting club, made many presentations  on Canada, and traveled extensively in Europe with the Rotary and her host families. She made many, many friends.  Her positive attitude toward difficulties has made her exchange year an overwhelming success;  She was a wonderful ambassador for our Rotary Club, for Salmon Arm, and for Canada.