Face Painting is a popular attraction at the Canada Day Children's Festival. Karen Bubola and Kari Wilkinson presented the history and growth of the festival since its inception 30 years ago. 
Prior to the meeting and presentation, Kari and Karen chatted with Warne and Patrick. The festival was initially held at Fletcher Park, but moved to Salmon Arm Fairgrounds in 2008.  Now this free all-day children's party hosts up to 5,000 attendees yearly, has a budget of over $26,000, and includes a variety of interactive activities such as  bouncy houses, sand box, wood-working, science explorations, paint the car, fire truck, music, dance and more.   The Salmon Arm Rotary Club has been and is a major donor-sponsor with the Rotary logo imprinted on posters, flyers, advertising, and T-shirts.