Posted on Jun 03, 2019
Two of our members received awards at the 2019 District Conference in Kamloops this year.
Marvel Holmes got the "Be the Inspiration" award for all the great work she has been doing over the past several years on our Youth Exchange Program.
Norm Brown got the "Appreciation for Service" award for acting as Assistant District Governor (he's in the middle of his three-year term).
And Colleen Fennell enjoyed an educational field trip she took which emphasized the importance of grasslands in our environment.  The field trip was led by a Rotarian who is also an agrologist and took place in the Lac du Bois Grasslands Provincial Park.
Colleen is also shown with a "Hippo Roller," basically an enclosed barrel with a handle. It’s filled with water and can be rolled home from a water source. Girls/women do not have to carry the water jug on their heads. Used mostly but not exclusively in Africa. District Governor Sherry Chamberlain challenged each club to sponsor one, and our Club sponsored two.