The Rotary Club of Salmon Arm has sent $300 US to the Rotary Club of North Bay, Ontario, towards a Global Grant to support The Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP). 
The Guatemala Literacy Project is network of Rotarians and the non-profit organization Cooperative for Education for under-served students in Guatemala’s Western Highlands - the most illiterate part of the country.  The GLP is one of the largest grassroots, multi-club opportunities in Rotary; approximately 125 clubs and 25 districts will support this year’s Global Grant to benefit the GLP. 
The Culture of Reading Program trains primary-school teachers in effective reading instruction and provides children's books to help them transform students into enthusiastic and lifelong readers. 
The Computer Program gives youth the opportunity to use technology to solve real-world problems while developing computer skills needed to secure better jobs after graduation. 
The Textbook Program provides vital books to middle schools in the core areas of math, science, social studies, and Spanish, and trains teachers to use the books effectively in the classroom. 
The Rotary Club of North Bay, Ontario, has been actively involved in the program since 2006; as the international partner,  North Bay is collecting funds from all Canadian Clubs and Canadian Rotary Districts and those funds are matched 1:1 in US dollars by the Canadian government.  This program is coordinated by the Rotary Club of Ephrata, Washington, District 5060, and has been recognized as "exemplary" by The Rotary Foundation. 
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