Since becoming an insurance broker in 2003, Rosy has worked with various agencies, finally landing at CapriCMW in 2018 and serving the commercial and business community. Rosy spoke to the club on Monday 13 September about the insurance industry, which is not as flexible as it used to be as it updates its policies in our changing world. She suggested that it is wise to create a relationship with a broker and to get more than one quote from him as he does get a variety of quotes from different companies. 
Insurance rates depend on may different factors: old properties are more expensive than new ones; combustible vrs non-combustible materials;  the age of the roof, electrics and plumbing are also factors. Trends that are changing the industry include working from home,  costs of building materials and labour, cyber and fraudulent claims, and ransom attacks.  For personal home insurance, Rosy suggested  making an inventory, taking pictures of the house contents, and ignoring claims on small items that are less than or not much more than the deductible.