Last December, District 5060 International Chair Carol Eamer received a request for $3000 USD to purchase books for a school library in La Cuesta, a small village in southern Honduras. Carol passed on the request to District 5060 clubs, five of whom responded. The Rotary Club of Salmon Arm donated $500 USD to this project.  
The school library is part of The Chispa Project, a non-profit organization that works in local Honduran  communities to  create school libraries and spark a passion for learning that will grow and be nurtured through a community driven approach.  Over the last several years solely through volunteer efforts, approximately 18,000 books have been brought to more than 50 different schools.
Most recently, the school in La Cuesta received a new library thanks, in part, to Salmon Arm Rotary.  On Wednesday 14 August, a celebration was held to inaugurate the library. To see the celebration and experience the joy on the faces of the children as they experience the bonanza of books, please use this link: