Norm and Cory were kept busy  greeting members as they arrived for Monday's meeting.  
Arriving members Maureen, Doug, Marvel, and Nancy check in at the arrivals, desk. 
Colleen's inspiration centered around the word "ambassador' and how we re all ambassadors for Rotary. 
Our speaker was Fiona Harris who gave her bio/classification talk. 
Updates on club business included information on the club's first Food Drive. Six thousand pounds of food was collected to be distributed to the Salvation Army, the Safe House, and Second Harvest. 
Patrick announced that the Musical Ride tickets would be available May 1. Prices are $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. Patrick also reported from the Tri-Club meeting that ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?’ and the Car Rally are both hoped to be done as Tri-Club events.
Isabel described the need for tracking volunteer hours for Gaming Grant applications.  
Sheriff Bruce gave us a club history lesson.  Happy dollars included a new grandchild for Nancy, thanks from Rick for the  flower baskets work teams, thanks from Doug for the successful Food Drive  and a plug for the Rotary Leadership Institute from Pat, who has just completed the course. 
 Dates and Events to be remembered: 
April 23 - Fireside 7 pm, Norm Brown's house.
May 10 - Career Mentor Medley, Okanagan College
May 10-12 - Silent Auction, Piccadilly Mall