Queen Elizabeth II took a keen interest in horses and was highly knowledgeable about them. She had a long and close relationship with the RCMP which began in 1969 and lasted over 50 years during which time, the RCMP presented Her Majesty with eight horses and received two from her: Golden Jubilee and Victoria. 
The first and most beloved was Burmese, who was given to her in April 1969.   The Queen rode Burmese for 18 years at the annual Trooping of the Colour event.
In August, 1973, the Queen was gifted with Jerry, a 3-year-old black gelding, whose name was changed to Centenial in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the RCMP.
 In recognition of the 125th anniversary of the force in October 1998, Queen Elizabeth was given James, who was ridden by the Prince of Wales at the annual Trooping of the Colour. 
 In May 2009, George, an RCMP service horse, was presented to the Queen during the Royal Windsor Horse Show to mark the 40th anniversary of Burmese‚Äôs presentation. The Prince of Wales has ridden George since 2009 for the Trooping of the Colour. 
In May 2012, Her Majesty accepted the title of Honorary Commissioner-in-Chief of the RCMP, and in commemoration of her Diamond Jubilee,  she was given Elizabeth, a mare, as a private gift. The Queen wanted to breed Elizabeth and promised to gift the RCMP with her first foal. Victoria, who  was foaled in 2016  and presented to the RCMP in 2018 is currently performing in the Ride. 
In October 2012, in recognition of her 50th year as reigning monarch, the Queen gifted Golden Jubilee , a horse from her own personal stock, to the RCMP. 
In honour of Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday in 2016, Commissioner Bob Paulson presented her with Sir John, an 8-year-old gelding.  
On April 3, 2019, the RCMP gifted two horses to The Queen: Kluane, a 5.5-year-old Hanoverian gelding that was in training for the Musical Ride, and Darby, a 13-year-old Hanoverian gelding, that toured extensively with the Musical Ride. These two horses were gifted to mark the 80th anniversary of the breeding program and the 50th anniversary of presenting Her Majesty with her first RCMP horse, Burmese. Commissioner Brenda Lucki and Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale attended a private ceremony at Windsor Castle to present Canada's gift to Her Majesty.