Carl Bannister, Chief Administration Officer for the City of Salmon Arm, spoke eloquently at Monday's meeting on the need for the proposed Ross Street Underpass. This project was first looked at in 1987, when the cost was estimated to be 1.1 million dollars. Today, 31 years later, the cost is 12.5 million dollars, and the need for a safe crossing to waterfront recreation and businesses is greater than ever. 
In his comprehensive talk, Carl pointed out that  the city has done exhaustive research and looked at many alternatives to the underpass, all of which came up short in one way or another.  The new underpass has been endorsed by council.  It will have 90 degree walls, a height of 5.1 metres to accommodate large vehicles, and a speed limit of 30 km.  It will include wide sidewalks and bicycle lanes. The construction will improve the storm water sewer system, close the Marine Park entrance, and reconfigure the lower end of Ross Street. 
A referendum  to allow city council to borrow 5.3 million dollars to complete the project will be held at the time of the municipal elections on October 20, 2018. This loan will not increase taxes to residents of Salmon Arm.  For more information, please visit