Here are the bursary and scholarship recipients we were proud to support this year.  A 'scholarship' is based on academic scores only, while a 'bursary' is determined on activities, contribution to the school and sometimes financial need for a student to go further.
Salmon Arm Secondary:
Bursaries of $2,000 each to Mikayla Wilkinson & Abbigail Paetch;  scholarships of $1,500 each to Caydn Moraice Budalich and Emily Gauthier
Okanagan College:
Bursaries of $3,000 each to Ezra Medio and Gloria Ordonez.
King's Christian School:
Scholarships of $1,500 to Ben Stalker, and $500 to Jasmine Gossen.
PICTURES:  Abbigail and Mikayla in their graduation gowns;  Gloria Ordonez with member Chaten Randhawa;  Ezra Medio with then President Garry Hoffart.