Dr. Fozia Alvi, an Airdrie, Alberta, family physician and humanitarian spoke to the club about her work with the Rohingyan refugees. She first went to  Bangladesh in 2017, where she encountered subhuman conditions; the people have no food, no clothes and are traumatized by their terrible experiences. Most are women and children because many males were killed.  
Living conditions in the Bangladesh camps are horrific.  Children have not been educated, restricted by the Bangladesh government, and many children are now orphaned.   Since the Bangladesh government  wants to get rid of the refugees, it offers no assistance, so the camps rely on International NGO's.  However, the Bangladesh government takes half of the funds sent to help. 
Covid-19 has complicated the situation even further.  It has created the need for some virtual medical assistance.  Dr. Alvi became an activist as a result of interviews and observations, and now manages doctor assistance trips using short terms.  She is currently fund-raising for an outreach program to work on general medicine and Covid-19 as well as  nutrition and mental health. Dr Alvi asked Rotary members to find out more, to share with friends and family, to write to MPs asking for action; Rotarians have respect around the world so can have influence.