The Musical Ride was put on hold when war was declared in 1914 and not resumed until 1920, when the Royal NWMP amalgamated with the Dominium Police (of Eastern Canada) and became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.                                                 1935 Canadian Postage
The RCMP headquarters were then moved  to Ottawa, Ontario, and "N" Division was established in nearby Rockcliffe. The division designation was  removed in 1987; the current designation is the Canadian Police College and Musical Ride Headquarters.
In the 1920's the Musical Ride immediately became very popular. Two performances were presented at Ottawa on May 24, 1920 and in Brockville on July 1. 1920.  For the next ten years both “N” Division and “Depot” Division in Regina performed every almost every year in their respective regions.  In the 1930's five performance were organized in and shown in Vancouver, B.C. (E Division).
In the 1930's, the Ride began performing outside of Canada. It traveled to England in 1930 to  the Wembley Exhibition in London, and in 1934 to the US for performances in New York City (“N” Division) and Portland, Oregon (“E” Division). 
 In 1939, the Ride rode to great acclaim at the World Fair in New York, but the Second World War again put a stop to all performances.