Attendance rules

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The Constitution of the Rotary Club specifies 3 causes for termination of membership for non-attendance.

  1. Failure to attend or make up four consecutive club meetings.
  2. Failure to attend or make up 50% of club meetings each 6 months (13 meetings required)
  3. Failure to attend 25% of the club meetings of ones' own club each 6 months (7 meetings).

These rules emphasize that Rotary values the attendance of all members because the club loses the personal association of absent members.

When members are going to be absent for an extended period due to vacation, work or health reasons, they are encouraged to make up meetings. If this is not feasible, they should contact teh Club Secretary or President since the Board of Directors can excuse non-attendance for good and sufficient reason.

Members are encouraged to identify activities attended during each week so they can receive attendance credit for these activities.