The war ended in 1945. By 1948 Musical Rides were once again being organized, mainly from N Division in Ottawa.  Shows were held at various locations in Canada and the US. In 1953 the Ride performed at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and in 1957 at the Edinburgh Tattoo.
In 1961 the Musical Ride was established permanently in Ottawa to perform annually in Canada and abroad.  The following year the Regina troop performed its farewell Ride, and since then the Musical Ride has been based exclusively in Ottawa. In 1964 performances were held in the Maritime provinces for the first time.  
Up until 1966, equestrian training had been mandatory for all RCMP recruits.  Since then, however, only members assigned to the Musical Ride receive the training.  For the next four years, the Ride made many appearances both in Canada and abroad. In 1967, Canada’s Centennial year, it performed in all provinces except British Columbia. The following year it traveled by air for the first time to  Bermuda. 1969 saw the Ride back in the UK with a performance in Wales and escorting the Queen from Windsor Castle to the showgrounds; this was the first time any troop other than the Household Cavalry had been permitted this escort.
 In 1970 the first Asian performance was held at Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan. 
During the 70's and 80's the Ride twice made successful tours of continental Europe, and participated in the Queen’s Silver Jubilee with performances in Ireland and the UK. 
 “Charge!”  1976
In 1989 the Equitation Section began holding free performances at its stables in Ottawa. Known as the RCMP Sunset Ceremonies, the performances take place every year in June.