Rotarian Sapphire Games outlined new initiatives for the local visitors’ service and information.  The city’s freshly refurbished Chevy van, resplendent in teal and orange in keeping with the city’s brand, adorned in images of Salmon Arm attributes and activities, is on the road and ready to meet and greet.
Sapphire outlined strategies begun in late May. There are 3 modes of delivery:  the Centre at City Hall (bricks & mortar), mobile outreach (the Chevy van) and digital outreach (live chat, QR codes around town and in brochures).

There are 3 ways we can support the city: present brochures in business places, ‘like’ and ‘share’ on social media, and book the street team (van) to an event. Sapphire’s obvious enthusiasm for her job made for an interesting and informative presentation. 
Fore more information, go to the Visitor Services website.