On June 27, Chaten Randhawa was inducted into the club as our newest member.  Sponsored by Isabel Reinertson, Chaten is new to the community. He comes to us from Kelowna where he was a member of the West Kelowna Daybreak Rotary Club. 


For RESIDENCES, fly the flag all summer through until the November 11 holiday.  Or ... take it down and put it up whenever you like, maybe around our national holidays.  We will pick up your flag after November 11.  If any damage or loss occurs, we encourage you to contact us at so that we can replace or repair as necessary.

For COMMERCIAL locations, your flags will be installed and removed so they are flying around three Canadian holidays - July 1, September 5, and November 11.

The fee is $100 per flag flown. Click on Read More to see where the funds raised have gone.

Sponsor Coleman Graf  pins a new Rotary pin on the club's newest member, Keith Beckett on Monday 9 May. Keith, a past Rotarian of SA Daybreak & Golden, became interested in rejoining when he visited Project Amigo in Mexico and learned of our club's interest in and support of that program. 
Rotarian Darcy Johnston was presented with a Paul Harris Fellow award by Foundation Chair Sterling Land on May 2. Darcy joins many fellow club members who  support the Rotary Foundation with regular donations. 
New member sponsor Lynda Stepura welcomes Sarah Sigurdson to our club while pinning on her Rotary badge.  Sarah was inducted by AG Penny Brown on Monday, 11 April. 
Coleman Graf was presented with his Paul Harris +5 pin by AG Penny Brown on Monday, 11 April. Coleman has been a Rotarian for 46 years and is still an active member of our club. 
New Rotarian Dallas Belt receives his membership badge from Acting President Bruce Killick, while sponsor and Rotarian Jourdyne Mason looks on during the installation held Monday, March 7. 
Karla Ferster, 2nd from left, was inducted into club  membership on Monday 28 February by PDG Jeff den Biesen (far right). Sponsored by Rotarian Kari Wilkinson, Karla has spoken twice to our club about her business the Frog Friendly Coffee Company. President Garry Hoffart (far left) welcomed the new member.  
Our club's annual Paul Harris Fellowship Community Recognition was this year awarded to Emergency Support Services , whose members have gone above and beyond in 2021 to help those in need through fire and flood . Representing ESS to receive the award were Sherry and Shannon Gilroy, here shown with sponsor and fellow ESS member Nancy Cooper. 
Past President Norm Brown presents President Garry Hoffart with a commemorative plaque thanking him for his leadership in 2021-22.  Garry gave a comprehensive summary of  the club's 2021-2022 year, and praised the members for their contributions in making it so successful. 
On June 21, 2022, we welcomed new member Aamanda Griffith who was jointly sponsored by existing members Judy Linkletter and Maureen McTavish.  All of us stepped up to personally shake Aamanda's hand, and welcome her to our Club.
At a recent meeting, Salvation Army Lieutenant and Rotary member Joel Torrens talked about and showed us pictures of the Community Food Forest recently started at their Lighthouse location at the corner of 3rd Street and 5th Avenue SW.
The Food Forest is designed to highlight the need for and provide food security.  The gardens are being planted with fruits (including trees), vegetables, and herbs which will be available for anyone to come by and harvest so that they can have a nutritious meal.
Joyce Henderson, seen here with friend & fellow supporter, Vida Yakong, a Ghanaian student now teaching in Ghana talked on Monday 9 May to the club about the Girl Child Education Project in Northern Ghana. 

Join us at a Meeting

Mondays at 12:00 Noon at the Hilltop Inn

1460 Trans Canada Hwy. NE, Salmon Arm   (See Map).

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